About Me

I’m Michael, a passionate Documentary/Art photographer

Unable to express my admiration for the world in other ways (I’m a terrible painter and not a great writer) photography has turned out to be my medium of choice to showcase what I find interesting, what I love and what leaves me in awe.

Education :  Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (2005-2008) and the The Academy of Art and Design in Breda (2009, Bachelor).
After and during my photographic formation I set out to develop strong bodies of documentary work, most notably my Périphérique and Yucca Valley projects. In these projects I was highly curious about the interaction of mankind and the man-made with the natural, as well as the impact of continued human influence on both the landscape and existing architecture. In those works my love for photographers such as Stephen Shore, Jeff Wall, Joel Sternfeld as well as the influence and training of my internship with  Yann Mingard and Alban Kakulya is visible.

In my ‘Suahuatica’ photography project I embraced a more organic, aesthetic-driven way of working suited for commercial application. My long history with the sea – being raised on a sailing ship, traveling Europe – made the project the culmination of many years of searching to reconnect with oceans (or any clear body of water, really). I like to focus on the superb elegance of the female body when submerged in water, as well as the behavior of humans when confronted with the unusual properties of the underwater environment (Weightlessness, being at depth etc).

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